About me

From a small village on the west coast of Finland to international atmospheres across Europe. How did I do it and what drove me forward?

I enjoy an active lifestyle in everything I set my mind on. When I was four, my father gave me skis. I loved sports and the outdoors, especially skiing. Since then, the slopes and I have been inseparable. I’ve fallen many times on skis, but also learned a lot. There’s a life lesson: Keep learning and be curious, you will get it in the end.

Off to see the world

At the age of 16, I was ready to see the world. I started off easy with high school in Helsinki. By 20, I shifted up a gear and decided to move to London. I spent eight years in London completing two academic degrees and starting off my career. I simply loved the city vibes. Later I’ve lived in Finland, again London, Germany and Switzerland. Who knows what’s next.

From theatre to business

Would theatre be my passion? In London, I completed a Bachelor’s degree in acting. I was hungry for more and went on to studying a Master’s degree in International Business. As a Finn, it was important for me to have a Finnish academic education as well. By 2016, I had wrapped up my Executive MBA in Tampere university.

Every step is meaningful

I started my career in the London financial industry. Soon my eyes opened to health care and life sciences. Sincere enthusiasm and interest have driven me forward on my journey. Today I’ve worked in global companies, gathering global experience and providing local perspective.

The paths I’ve chosen are entwined in a wonderful way. Whether it’s teamwork, change management coaching or an inspirational speech, my theatre studies still bring humanity and empathy to everything I do today.

Why health care?

The sense of meaning and the possibility of a change attracted me to the health care industry. After the financial crisis I had the chance to dive into health care, and I have not looked back since. It runs in the family. My mother worked as a heath care teacher and a nurse in our family care company. I wanted to take her legacy forward.

Is there something I can help you with? 

Best wishes,